Chasing a good night sleep for days?

Brain got you up playing Donkey Kong at 2am?

Been there! Oh sleep, wherefore art thou?

Here are 10 Sleep Tips to try Tonight

1. Don’t say, tweet, press send or post anything suspect, especially before bed.

2. Limit caffeine in afternoon.

3. Have one or none (booze) in evening.

4. Eat dinner earlier and go for a walk outside afterwards.

5. Turn off all screens by 8:30 or 9pm.

6. Keep the room cool, quiet and dark.

7. Write down 3 gratitudes before bed in a journal.

8. Deep belly breathe if you wake. Just focus on your breath.

9. Wear socks if your feet are cold. Guys, you too!

10. You have heard it before: Don’t go to bed angry. Let it go. Pray it up or breathe it away.

Try the these tips tonight and let me know how you do.

Let me know if you have extra sleep tips to share!

Fin. Amy