My love of writing was re-ignited when I started driving carpool.

In 2013 our son changed schools and I gained a sacred extra hour of quiet time driving to and from carpool. Instead of complaining, I used this “me” time to listen to music, podcasts and the silence. To reflect. To make sense of all that I have been through, witnessed and the mighty lessons learned. In doing this work and sharing it with others, I also realized the stories and lessons we speak, sing and write down, close the space between the years and the space between each other.

What propelled me to actually push “publish?”

1. Research: For years I have researched leadership, resilience, trust, community, health, stress, the power of empathy, positive thinking and the incredible power of the brain to change. Too much to keep in my head! Time to export what I have learned.

2. Mentor: My former English teacher, Dave Sharett encouraged me to write in school and years after my parents died. Dave and his wife been a huge support when my Dad died and he understood grief at its highest level. He lost his own son, Dave, aka “Bean” to war.

3. Reality: Life is short. #YOLO. Jen Gilberto, my amazing Babe with Brains friend, who has a “piece of shit” brain tumor (see her blog at and I were discussing transparency, writing and life.  She finally threw up her hands and said, “Amy, what are you waiting for? You need to start pressing publish!”

4: Freedom: I heard it yet once again, this time from Ron Carter, President of JCSU: “When you tell your story, it sets you free, and lights the path for others.”