I was listening to Pandora in the carpool line, when my mind wandered to the successful #ALSicebucketchallenge and the upcoming visit of it’s co-founder, Nancy Frates.

As if divine inspiration, “Come Talk to Me” by Peter Gabriel came on the station.

It immediately resonated.

I looked the song up online and found a dramatic 2012 video from the Secret World tour: In one interview about the song, Peter Gabriel said it was originally written about his relationship with his daughter and the need to communicate with her.

Bon Iver, a talented musician (and former religious studies major), collaborated with Peter on this same song during the “Scratch My Back/And I’ll Scratch Yours project.” Bon Iver said the song had always been a catalyst to him, a mystery, a divine song. His cover of this song is a bit more ethereal: *.

This song reminded me of my mom who had ALS. Upon hearing…

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