In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.”


Last year the “Ick” arrived one day by complete surprise.

You may have experienced this kinda “Ick” yourself when you got some awful news!

Personally, I was blindsided.  I lost my trust in people close to me.  I felt misunderstood.  I was angry. I was hurt, bruised and confused. I even got physically sick.

While living with the “Ick” over a few long weeks, I finally came to realize something had to change.  The”Ick” had way too much control.  I certainly messed up, but it was not intentional nor so bad that it should be allowed to hurt me for another day, or haunt me for a lifetime.

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” say’s author John Maxwell.

It was my season to learn.

I made a concerted effort to gain wisdom from the “Ick.”  I educated myself on how leaders of all kinds…

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