In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Dad and Mom

I found out January 21 was #NationalHugDay (who knew we even had one?) via a post on Twitter and a related link with all the benefits of hugs (lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, decrease in cortisol, increases immune response, etc.), and what happens over a life-time when that human touch stops (not good).

This research made me realize the real value of hugs even-though I admit I am a “hugger” and should already know.

Yep, you may not be ready for me when I first see you.

Sorry!  Please pardon my exuberance.

My parents were good huggers so maybe I was born to hug?

Then it hit me.  Did I hug my own family enough?  No!

So, right before dinner, I announced it was National Hug Day and suggested we all needed to hug each other more right then and everyday.

“Whine-thirty” changed to “joy-thirty” in an instant with the hugs.

Time slowed. Heart rates went down. We laughed, giggled, joked and…all was right in the world.