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Welcome to CarpoolDaze, my personal blog.

I am a mom, wife, writer, fit and run form trainer, dog owner and deep thinker.

If you got here looking for fitness and injury-free running advice, I can help.  Please stroll over to my business site: VirtualAthlete

I launched this blog in 2013 while driving hours & hours of carpool every day of the week.

At first, it was a total bummer.

Then,  I began to actually look forward to it.

The hours of driving time forced me to slow down.

Instead of stressing out about the traffic I could not control, or trying to talk on the phone, text, or check social media while driving…like so many of us do, I looked at the road ahead. Listened to what the kids talked about and laughed with them, or disciplined them.

Then when I was alone, I accepted this traffic as precious time to relax and focus my mind, listen to music, podcasts and the quiet.

I started to think in paragraphs again, use my brain, and get inspired.

To slowly make sense of my life and experiences.

Then I decided to write it all down.

You know?


Though a mom, I don’t write a bunch about mom stuff. Plenty of fabulous blogs on that.

And fashion?  Cooking?

I try.  As cosmetics/skincare CEO Bobbi Brown once said, “I’d rather have a workout than a blowout!” So fashionistas and cooks, I look to your blogs for inspiration.

In my free time I research, write and connect people and stories.  I love snuggling with my kids, listening to all sorts of music, having real conversations with friends, family and anyone who wants to talk.

I also love to exercise and run for all sort of reasons, mainly it makes me happy, sane and fit. This eventually led me from the start up world to a career in fitness.

Writing, however, is my escape from mom duty.

Any duty in fact.

I write about:

Life.  Healing, health, fitness, running, strength, music, books, movies, community, military, leadership, camaraderie, start ups, ALS, grief and resilience.

And, whatever else comes to mind.

Why keep it all inside, eh?

Please subscribe for updates. Comment and share a post if you think it will help someone. If you want to guest blog, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.

What a day.